Ayurveda and Your Life Energy

Ayurveda is a holistic science with its roots in Indian philosophy. This 3,000-year-old medical system considers that each individual is different, and each one has a unique composition of tridoshas (bodily energies). A person is said to be in a healthy state when his doshas are in harmony.

Ayurveda helps people maintain the harmony of bodily energies and cure diseases. Best health outcomes can be achieved by following an Ayurveda-based regimen, and treatment measures like samana (palliative measures), and shodhana (purificatory methods). Each treatment protocol in Ayurveda takes into consideration the prakruti (body-mind constitution), diet, lifestyle, social relations, and mental health of the patient.

Our Ayurveda Services

Muscle and joint care

We employ ayurvedic procedures like abhyanga, dhara, swedana, upanaha, and lepa to effectively treat muscle pain and joint stiffness.  We provide treatments for all sorts of inflammatory, traumatic, or degenerative conditions leading to muscle and joint issues.


Skin and hair care

The changes in our lifestyle and food habits have resulted in the emergence of a variety of skin and hair issues. We provide treatment for conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, folliculitis, infections, chronic ulcers, alopecia, and dandruff. Cumulative toxicities usually show up as skin, nail, and hair issues, where Ayurveda holism can give great results.

Lifestyle disorders

Increased body weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, bowel disorders, piles, and frequent infections can be effectively managed by lifestyle modifications, changes in food habits, palliative care, and purificatory procedures prescribed in Ayurveda.


Preconception, Anti-natal, and post-natal care

We offer protocols and regimens to be followed during the pre-conception period (for couples), anti-natal period, and post-natal period. We have special protocols to ensure the birth of a healthy child and the restoration of the mother’s health.

Women Health

We give a special focus on the health issues of women. Gynecological issues like dysmenorrhoea, PMS, vaginal infections, PCOS, and fibroids can be treated effectively with Ayurvedic interventions.

Aesthetic issues

We have an ayurvedic approach to alleviate beauty-related issues and aging signs. Conditions of acne, skin pigmentation, warts, abnormal hair growth, and hair fall can be treated effectively using Ayurvedic protocols.

Stress-related issues

The holistic ayurvedic approach along with yoga, and breathing exercises can give long-term results to solve stress-related issues. We provide services to overcome sleep disorders and burnout conditions

Elderly care

We provide special packages for elderly care that involve treatment protocols, exercise regimens, and dietary advice. Treatment protocols like rasayana therapy are effective to alleviate old-age issues.

Detox & rejuvenation therapies

An unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits would result in the accumulation of different kinds of toxins in the body. These manifest as skin diseases, respiratory problems, stress, and reproductive issues, once they get a favorable condition. Hence timely detoxification of these impurities is essential. We provide detox services to clear your body of toxins and impurities

Here are the various Ayurvedic procedures that we employ as part of
treatment/wellness regimens
  • Abhyanga (Oil massage)

  • Baspha sweda (Steam bath)

  • Udwartana (Upward massage with medicated powders)

  • Kizhi - Poultice made of medicated powders (podikizhi), special herbal leaves(ilakizhi), lemon(narangakizhi), njavara rice(njavara kizhi)

  • Dhara – dhanyamala dhara, takra dhara, sirodhara (Pouring of medicated water/oil)

  • Lepa, Upanaha (Anointing medicated mix)

  • Urobasti, Janubasti, Greevabasti (Medicated oil made to stay in particular area)

  • Panchakarma procedures – purificatory methods like Vamana (expelling doshas through the mouth), virechana (expelling doshas through the anus), nasya (expelling doshas through nose and mouth), vasti (enema-like procedure), raktamoksha (blood-letting through different means – leech therapy, needle)